Since there are so many cordless drill brands, it is hard to choose which one you want to buy. Listed below are two of my favorite drills:

Bosch 13618 Tough Hammer

This drill was rebuilt with an 18-volt motor. It offers double speed and weighs only five pounds. Usually comes with a beautiful box and two rechargeable batteries. The next in this range is the Bosch 13618 tough Hammer. This has a blue color scheme that is very attractive to consumers. These machines are balanced and aerodynamic. This is one of the best-selling Bosch drills because it offers excellent designs and better performance throughout the decade. Features:

– 18-volt batteries
– Durashield construction
– Reinforced collar steel cover
– this drill also comes with a double-ended bit, 30-minute charger, side handle, and a magnetic bit holder

Panasonic eY6432

The following is the Panasonic eY6432. This cordless drill has a reasonable price, and it’s of high quality. It’s very Portable, convenient and lightweight. It usually comes with a 390-pound torque and allows full speed. This drill is an excellent choice for carpenters, electricians, woodworkers, and plumbers. The most useful features of this cordless drill are listed below:

– 15.6 volts
– Chassis measure from 8 inches to 8 1.2 inch
– Keyless Chuck
– Electronic brakes
– Its soft padded grip offers additional cushioning
– 4.4 pounds in weight and 9 inches long
– 3.5 ah amp per hour battery
– Double speed range

The ones mentioned above are one of the best cordless drill available in the market. The best-selling features include charging time, ergonomic handles, long battery life, and high torque.